DJ & Music Curator based in New York City. I was one of the first 3000 people in the US with Spotify back in 2011 and have been ahead of the curve on many trends, songs and rising artists in the music business. So I recently started this blog as a passion project to start giving myself a "track record" of that. But more so to give other music lovers a clean easy blog to check out new music. I have a very high standard for music, having grown up on golden eras of hip hop, R&B, and big-time global crossover hits from producers like Akon, RedOne, Timbaland, Max Martin, and Pharrell Williams among others. I sift through all the hundreds of tracks coming out every week and look for that kind of quality, and only post the very few songs that: impress me, sound like potential hits, and/or are underrated. I can be reached at Thanks for visiting.