Category: Spotlight

Drill: Pop Smoke – “Dior”

The hardest track I’ve heard all year, all the way around starting from his vocals, the beat, the hook, and even just the concept of the song. He’s changing the game, putting the Brooklyn drill scene on the map and giving hip hop a much needed new original sound (one inspired by UK and Chicago drill).

Track Of The Day: Daya – “New”

This is the kind of song I’ve been looking to hear from Daya since her Grammy-winning breakout performance on “Don’t Let Me Down.” She’s said that she wanted to continue to go in that indie/electronic pop direction, and after a couple singles that didn’t quite standout, she’s now delivered with her own epic single that fits her strong vocals.

Track Of The Day: Jaden Smith – “Batman”

Quietly one of the dopest hip hop tracks of this year. Production is A1, and while it may come off like a “Jumpman” knock-off, it’s more original than that. He did, after all, portray himself as Batman in 2014 at Kanye West’s wedding, and his laid-back flow exudes a confidence that contrasts well with the more intense and energetic braggadocio that’s also hot these day.