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Westside Boogie ft. Joey Bada$$ – “Outside”

Is there a more underrated rapper in the industry than Westside Boogie (formerly Boogie)? I’ve never heard less buzz around a rapper who delivered a highly critically-acclaimed debut album. His music’s being produced under Eminem to boot. This song featuring Joey Bada$$ is the musical version of that Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme.

Angie Rose – “Not A Monster”

She’s a woman. She’s what one may consider attractive. That’s 92.7% of the battle of getting promoted by a major label and becoming popular in the US these days. In all fairness though, she appears to be decent and is not resorting to using her body like other female Hispanic Pop artists from New York (see Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez). Most importantly, this song is just catchy enough to earn her some attention as an artist on the rise.

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